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Posted March 20th, 2018

il y a deux ans j'ai eu un accident serieux qui m'a obligé a subir un intervention chirurgicale du genoux, qui ne s'est pas très bien passée, il faut bien l'avoué.. Il m'aura fallu beaucoup de travail pour récupéré mes capacités physiques, il y a meme eu un moment ou j'ai pensé qu'il me faudrais changer de métier, c'est la que j'ai compris a quel point ma vie était liée à ce métier de passion. Aujourd'hui j'ai repris une activité normal, meme si je produit un peu moins de coutellerie ces temps ci, cela me reviendra sans doute, il s'agit de se laisser faire et d'accepter la vie comme elle vient

working crazy for the BLADE SHOW

Posted May 14th, 2012

Some springs are toughter than others! this one is seeing me rushing between major building work in the house and getting ready for the Blade Show! one of the bigest event in the knivemaking world, this show gathers the most famous names, the ones who became legend, but also all the rest of us who realy mean to make a name for ourself in the knifemaking history. Around 700 table, an ocean of blades and skills. Not easy to step out. The Balde Show is a challenge, during this kind of events, one can really realise that being a big fish is easy when the river is small, once in the ocean it's an other story! In the blade show, i can realy test my work, if it catches a little attention, then it is already a big step for me.

i am looking forward to seeing you there for the lucky ones who will be attending, and apologises for not showing a lot of new creations: the knives are "en route" for the show

nothing happens without passion

Posted February 12th, 2012

Nothing happens without passion


Here I am, at last, my website is completed. It took an Achilles tendonitis to nail me at my desk taking this weird introspective exercise: writing my website texts. Looking back at the path that took me where I stand now to synthetize it. Of course, by summarizing, one gets a sort of essence, but certainly not the truth. So many thanks to all those who are  part of my history and whose name don’t appear in those lines. To all those who didn’t think I was out of my mind, the ones who supported me, who were interested in what I was doing even if they didn’t really understand much! Thanks for the pictures, the corrections, and the support. And also all my gratitude toward the anonymous who granted me with a compliment and went their way, leaving me with the heart full of brain new energy.

A special thought for Dad, Erik, Pascal

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